The Meaning of Life


Long have I and most people have contemplated this deep question.  What is the meaning to life?  What is the meaning to our existence?  After having thought about this long and hard during my young adulthood (18-26 years old) I have come across certain conclusions.  In the movie “City Slickers” starring Billy Crystal, the cowboy character named Curly told Crystal’s character what the meaning of life was to him.  He raised his one forefinger in the air as they were riding their horses on their life changing cattle drive. Crystal responds, “Your finger?”  “No,” said Curly.  “One thing.  One thing that is more important to you than anything else.”  To him, it was being a cowboy and the cattle herd were his utmost meaning in life; over women, family, and other matters.  His life, though a fictional character, had one meaning and the rest faded into the background; that simple.  Curly also made derogatory, dismissive comments about “city folk” and their confusion in their lives. 

So if that “one thing” is the meaning to life, then what is that “one thing?”  In the movie, they said that’s something that you have to figure out.  I believe most people yearn to live a life of purpose and one with focus, direction that places their best qualities, talents, and ambitions into the best and most useful light. 

At the ripe age of 33, I know the meaning of life for me, but the rest includes living it out and embodying those principles while still riding the waves of life.  Also, searching for the meaning to life and trying to answer that gigantic question is in many ways one of our purposes of life.  Otherwise, what’s the point in living?  Socrates once said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” 

Have a good day!  😀


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