While doubt is usually construed as a negative emotion, I’d like to put a positive spin on it.  I believe doubt can do two things: make us feel less confident or be used as a springboard to become more confident.  If we shy from doubt or believe it, then we do get worse.  However, if we see it as a challenge or obstacle in our way of achieving actualization, then you can see the usefulness of doubt.  Everyone, even confident people, doubt themselves at times.  It is a reality check and a miniature crisis that we can ride out and trust once we’ve survived and kept our self-belief, then we become more confident on the other side.

I once had a mentor tell me to never doubt myself.  Of course, I remain skeptical of myself and others and never emotions/opinions sway me from the truth – if I’m wrong and I admit it and I change (and apologize too if the need arises).

Be open to doubt, yet never close the door to your self-belief because you are your greatest fan, your best friend.  Always treat yourself with love and respect!  🙂


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