First Poem of this Blog


Here’s the first poem of the blog.  What should I write about?  I’m fascinated by social justice, philosophy (“love of wisdom”), and self-improvement.  Let’s write about self-improvement.

Let me be better today

Then I was yesterday,

Let me not make the same mistakes,

To be open to new opportunities

And situations,

To help a stranger,

To avoid or face danger,


To not shy

From a growth situation,

To become bigger,

Not smaller inside,

To hold my head up

With pride,

To build relationships,

To achieve our meaning,

Miracles falling from the sky,

Hands hard at work,

Hearts open,

At least more so than yesterday,

Souls open,

Ready to receive the lessons from each day,

Mind set,

Regardless of obstacles or issues,

That block our path,

Smile set,

Regardless if a happy or sad situation



Despite being scared and lonely,

And unprepared

For what Life is ready to dish us.

May all find their way.



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