So it has come to my attention that holistic medicine is the way to go.  What is holistic medicine?  Well, it means that health and in the end disease, is the culmination of our lifestyles: our mental and emotional health, our life decisions, our trauma, our drama, our injuries, our physical maintenance, and basically everything else in our lives. Holistic medicine is the conscious use of diet (and healthy food products), a healthy mindset, and lifestyle choices to create world of vitality, happiness, and stability/safety in our everyday lives.  In a way, it is basically the issue of preventative medicine as opposed to Western medicine which only treats a disease or injury once it is harmful enough to disrupt day-to-day living and attempts to “cure” it by treating the malady.  Another advantage that holistic medicine has over Western medicine is: it’s focus on building up the mind/body of the person, it’s ability to help patients recover from maladies that Western medicine has found to be undiagnosable and untreatable, and its ability to be able to “improve” or accumulate one’s health over time (incrementally such as learning mathematics, saving money, or improving in an art – a daily deposit and long term accumulation). 

I have two stories that actually have to deal with my immediate family.  In my experience, I had first dealt with sickness when I was 25 years old and in supposedly the prime of my life.  I had spent 6 years in college mainly due to my being maladjusted and unhappy in that type of academic environment (ironic, says the grad student).  After that point, I had traveled abroad and pursued a dream of mine.  In that period of time, I had contracted an uncurable and undiagnosable disease – I was shunned by more than a dozen medical doctors.  I was also treated by 2-3 acupuncturists, who did not help my malady.  I ended being cured a medical intuitive, a lady who treats patients by the phone by “tuning” into their bodies and maladies with her intuition, and can remotely diagnose and give advice on health products to heal the body’s sickness.

If you can think of the body as a nation, then the immune system is like the fortress or palace guards:  they protect the body from invaders, enemies, and spies.  Now think, if you’re working back-to-back graveyard shifts, are going through a terrible divorce, and maybe have even started drinking and gambling/doing drugs to deal with the stress.  At a certain point, your body’s natural defenses are going to be overwhelmed, and thus allows for an intruder to come into your life:  be it an injury, falling asleep at the wheel, or some type of chronic or terminal disease.  Western medicine and the general scientific paradigm likes to focus on the “intruder” that “caused” the disease.  Really, it is the individual and their lack of awareness/attention to their life and lifestyle.  However, on the optimistic side, disease and injury allows us to step back and reassess our lives and thus perhaps changing the root cause of our situation.  Two books I’d recommend to understand more about this, especially, if you are NOT sick but want to improve your health: “The Creation of Health” by Caroline Myss and “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan. 

Lastly, another way you can improve your health is to “listen” to your body and mind more attentively.  For example, I’ve recently learned to listen to my body’s messages by having a dialogue or “conversation” with the body.  You can talk to your ankle: How are you ankle?  Then you can listen to what you hear (I write it down).  I’ve also been trying to listen to my “Inner Wisdom” as my healer call it, and it had told me to quit my job and get into writing and traveling.  Those are my plans for now.  I’ve been wanting to become a writer since I was about 18 years old and have old scraps of poetry and rants here and there, but I was very far from that very literate child that writes 5 stories a week in her notebook.  This here is my attempt in achieving my dream and seek greater happiness at the same time – oh yeah, and it was prompted by a car accident and a crazy life situation (so there you have it).

Have a good day!  😀


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