Life is like the History of Country


What is this?  Yes, life is like the history of a nation.  In life, everything is predictable, but there are patterns and themes that last on the short, medium, and long term that usually can’t be identified or chunked until AFTER the fact.  Also, every country goes through periods of fortune: low unemployment, prosperity, war, plague, depression, and high morale.  Many times a country may go through difficult times on one hand (politics) but may have some compensatory factors going on at the same time (or because of it) including music or entertainment.  It could be me, but I actually found that during President George W. Bush’s presidency people turned away from politics and found solace in very good quality music, television shows, and movies.  

At times, a country can sink to a low point in which everything is going on at once: war, intruders, plague/disease, low morale etc.  You should know that a country ALWAYS comes out of these dark periods (or “Dark Ages”) as there is always prosperity after war.  In Europe, I believe after the Dark Ages came the Enlightenment and/or the Age of Reason.  I’m not a history buff, but I do know these symbols and metaphors gives us much hope in our human existence.  

Have a great day!  🙂 


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