Modern Music and the Lack of Catharsis


Recently, well, meaning the past 5-6 years, I’ve had a few observations.  First, modern life has gotten very busy and hectic; I don’t know how because we have the same responsibilities.  On the other hand, there is more technology and we are seeing people face-to-face a lot less.  Everyone is attached to their laptops, smart phones, and ipads.  Where is the time to have a quiet moment alone, a gentle walk in the outdoors, or meeting our good friend for lunch? 

To add to all of this chaos, it is my belief that modern music really isn’t as good as it used to be.  Of course, having grown up in the 80s and 90s, music may not have been at its all time best in history.  However, the 80s and 90s have cranked out some memorable hits, some meaningful songs, and some great bands have some out of them.  For example, Madonna’s “Crazy for you” is quite the romantic song with passion and full of meaning; I read on wikipedia that Madonna used meaningful lyrics to compensate for her lack of vocal range or quality.  Then we had the songs of Pearl Jam or the Red Hot Chili Peppers from the 90s who have produced “Black,” “Yellow Ledbetter,”  “Under the Bridge,” and “Californication” to name a few.  We’ve also had a decent number of good rappers in the 90s such as Tupac and Biggy and more meaningful rock and alternative songs such as songs by The Dave Matthews Band and such.  Good songs provide us with a catharsis, or emotional release or expression, and usually sing about love, life, or something deeper and more meaningful than our everyday experiences.  They elevate us and bring us into a better state of mind.

Next, we plug in modern music which have been mostly taken over by cooperate giants:  bands, songs, and radio stations.  Bands and pop singers are being manufactured by big name producers meanwhile cooperate giants such as Clear Channel Worldwide control what we hear on the radio and produce the terrible propaganda that insults our ears such as radio station music (which they choose based on surveys and polling of audience samples to produce what “we will like the most?”) and the clear mind control of the “I HEART RADIO” campaign.  “I HEART RADIO” is simply a campaign used to not improve the quality of radio music (all of their awful commercials, terrible music selection, and lack of creativity allowed for radio DJs), but to bring money and listenership back to radio stations with their free apps, whoring concerts, and social media campaigns.

This type of manufactured music such is that of Katy Perry (granted, I like some of her songs) have lyrics such as “in another life… it’s you and me against the world” and talking about “skin tight jeans” at the club all the time.  It’s meaningless music without any lyricism or muscality to base it on; it’s simply mass produced, polished, plastic music to sell to a specific target audience and then market the product down our throats.  The produced music and lack of variety on radio stations do not provide the mass populace with access to melodious music and strong lyrics to help us cope with the trials and tribulations of our lives. 

We now have one less avenue in which to cope with our busy lives.  Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and more improved, but that is not the case.  Good bye music!  🙂


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