The 4’s


I can’t help to relate how year’s with the number “4” have been particularly painful for me.  What is the explanation?  Perhaps it’s a bad luck year or big time growth year for me or perhaps every decade there are certain to be growing pains and mine just happens to fall on the “4”.  For example, I was born in 1980 so that in 1994 I was 14 and in 9th grade – definitely, the first year of high school is no joke.  Then we have the age of 24 in 2004, it also coincided with the Year of Monkey (my Chinese astrological birth year) – another horrible year full of growing pains, life drama, and emotional turmoil.  Now, somehow, 2014 rolls around and I’m cruising in my early 30s and sudden life events occur: car crash, landlord issues, change of career, and a million other traumas that I won’t inconvenience your life with.  How does that work out?  I know everything in life has a reason, but I’m waiting for mine.   Perhaps all of the suffering that can accumulate in a decade somehow peaks on the “4” for me, I can accept that.  Watch out 2024!  😀

My line of thinking steers towards the feeling that the events happened for a reason and that the positive changes coming out of it (catharsis, increased happiness, better attuned to self, more clear life direction etc.) are the rewards.  But man, growing pains suck (even at age 33 years old)!  I thought I was done with them when the 20s ended.  Apparently not!

Have a great day!


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