The Late Bloomer


In society, the majority of the members flow through rather steady growth periods.  To clarify, most members of our society (at least those in the middle class or above) flow through the motions of: primary school, secondary school, college, career, marriage and mortgage, and upper career promotion in their 30s while they are raising their small children (and then middle age and retirement etc.).  Most members have certain social circles in high school and college and find their place or scene in their 20s – they also learn, experiment, and make mistakes during this time period. 

However, there is another minority of society that doesn’t fall into this pattern: the late bloomer.  The late bloomer may seem average or even deficient at a young age: whether socially, academically, or professionally.  They may seem out of place, overlooked, and underestimated by their family and close ones.  Then somehow, somewhere, over time they develop and are made to see their own true inner beauty and potential and they blossom at a time when their peers have long peaked and began their gradual decline.

Somehow, I am a late bloomer: I did not find my ideal social circle until I was 25 years old (I REALLY felt connected that point), I am 33 years old an behind on my career path (and also just started graduate school), I was to believed to have average intelligence growing up (I got decent grades in primary and secondary school but was not a standout student), I tanked in college and was found to have ADHD, and basically the only area of life that I’ve ever been success in was the arena of martial arts.  In addition, I dated my first girlfriend when I was 27 year old.  Yep, that pretty much makes for a very roundabout trip to my peak, but I’m sure life has something interesting in store for everyone: especially if you have the courage to go into the “dark place in which it leads” (forgot who wrote that quote, it’s from “Life 101”).  Hard work, knowing oneself, and taking chances have never been a flaw for me, but timing perhaps might be everything.

Just enjoy the ride!  Believe in yourself!  Have a good day!  🙂


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