Modern Day Life


So I’ve been thinking more and more about modern life lately.  I mean, I know it’s hectic, but imagine what the perspective is like from someone with ADHD and a spiritual/non-materialistic take on life?  It feels a lot like this:

Wake up

Eat rush!

Off to work!

Stress, co-workers, boss!

Get home,

TV, internet, phone

Cook, food!


Get in bed on time!

Oh yeah!  Pay bills!

Off to bed, too stressed!

Play a little bit more!

Sleep sleep, gotta wake up!


Weekends: play a little, sleep a lot,

Start over!


And that’s how I feel from day to day, week to week: just an endless bundle of stress, responsibilities, and “things to do.”  When will it end?  It never does.  Sure, vacations break up the flow, but not enough to matter.  And this is coming from someone who is fairly privileged with a college education, made some decent (not the best) career choices, and have a fairly decent future and outlook. 

It feels like we’re spending so much time on the “what’s” and “how’s” and not enough time on the “why’s.”  Why are we doing this routine?  Who’s in charge?  Who made us work on this hamster wheel or rat race?

I can use some of my rudimentary sociology knowledge to take us back, but then it only gets a vague picture.  First of course, we as humans were hunters and gatherers (killing animals, collecting berries and brush), then the technology of farming took place (more food, more free time, more surplus), and over time villages became towns, and towns into cities etc.  Second, Adam Smith  discussed the division of labor in the “Wealth of Nations.”   This involves the dividing up of work in a factory or in society; if everyone in a line or society performs ONE task that is not a complete task (or makes a complete product) as one part of a whole, then it would be far more efficient than if each person did each part of a task.  For example, in a shoe factor, it would be slower if everyone created the start and finish of a shoe rather than each person specializing in one aspect of the process and thus the assembly line would be faster and more efficient.  However, the fear, which is perfectly valid, is that the workers become alienated from their work: since most of them do not create an actual product (ie – a shoemaker making a whole shoe, or a farmer growing a whole crop or harvest) then they will not see the meaning of their work.  In other words, they’ll be unsatisfied at some point spiritually and emotionally. 

There is a good deal of economics and production behind the division of labor.  However, in essence, I believe our modern way of living is crap.  We work way too much (although the 40 hour work week is a relatively new invention which was founded on the concept that  5 day work week and 8 hour day equates to the maximum output per employee) and yet the majority of us get so few returns.  To add, life is just one endless list of things to do. 

I know I am tired of it and ready for something better; a better system and something that reconnects us more with nature and does not for us to kill ourselves just to own and cultivate a small plot of land.  We are working so hard just to meet the status quo and keep the system and economy that we don’t own chugging along.

Have a good day! 🙂


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