Handling Our Business


All of us have our journeys and unique challenges in our lives.  I am a believer in karma: that we are reborn and working through some action or consequence from our past lives.  In addition, supposedly after we die we can see things that were not apparent as living humans and that as a result we CHOOSE the life, the family, and life situations that we are born into in order that it brings us closer to spiritual enlightenment or simply spiritual improvement/progress. 

Regardless if you believe in karma or not, you can agree that we all have life difficulties and a steady stream of them.  So what do we do about them?  Of course everyone had their own method.  My method is to be super honest with myself, and if I find a problem or issue within myself then I attack it with vigor and consistency until it is gone.  I also meditate, try to make good life decisions, follow my heart, take chances (in all aspects of my life including personal and professional), try to do things that make me happy (watch my favorite DVDs, play chess, go to the movie theater if I’m feeling stressed, go out with my friends etc.), and read & study when I can. 

Life is not easy, but one thing I can say is that there is a lesson in every difficulty and usually a blessing as well.  We just have to be perceptive, intelligent, and creative enough to learn the lessons when they are presented to us. 

Have a great day!  😀




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