Blockbuster Night


After all these years of having movie rental stores, they have all finally closed.  They have become obsolete to the next generation of movie viewing: streaming and Netflix.  Prices are cheaper and options are plentiful.  However, I truly miss the social aspect and experience of renting movies.  This involved showing up with a friend, looking at the many options that are in front of you IN PERSON, debating, thinking about adding video games or food to the option, and eventually settling on someone’s house to watch the lousy movie.  Afterward, this included late night talks, snacks, and teasing about possible romantic partners.  Everyone goes home at some point between 1-3am and is happy: a cheap evening that only costed about $5-7.  To add, it was good wholesome fun; no one got hurt, no need to worry about cops or crime, and everyone had a good time.  I’m saddened by this loss and it only makes people less social and more dependent on technology as time goes on.  Perhaps I will start staging movie nights at my house again to bring it back.  It was fun times.

Have a great day!  😀




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