Alleviation of Poverty = Saving the World


I’ve thinking more about the problem of poverty.  It seems everybody, at least everybody stable, wants to contribute and save the world on some level – micro or macro.  However, there are always poor people and poverty – I believe a large part of the world is impoverished.  So what?  We just have to feed them.  Wrong. 

It is my belief that every person, poor or rich, has an intelligence and an innate ability that everybody does not have.  Every person, if given the opportunity (and guidance), can utilize and develop that innate talent and with good conscience (and guidance) can help the world with that talent.  On the other hand, not everyone has the opportunity to prosper.  Rather than feeding the poor – let’s rule out the forces that CAUSE poverty.  Give the poor, hell, give everyone an education, proper nutrition/diet, and healthcare and watch them bloom. 

So why doesn’t everybody have access to this formula to success?  The powers that be try to have us believe that everyone has equal opportunity and that it is through individual effort that person can achieve success.  However, only a small percentage of people can escape the clutches, social issues, violence and crime, and institutionalized racism that’s on the level of poor neighborhoods.  Their public transportation is usually inconsistent and expensive, job opportunities in those parts of the cities are scant (and opportunities outside discriminate against people from those neighborhoods – think of the way you dress, carry yourself, and the way you speak are all ways people judge you [not everyone has access to the mode of behavior and dress] ), the crime rate is high, the education is subpar (plus many teachers that teach there are privileged and have some sort of bias or internalized racism against the children [ie – they’re not smart, they cannot achieve high standards, they don’t have the capacity to achieve] ), and broken families are part of the life.  Think of it this way: if you’ve had family members or friends shot or incarcerated, being part of a single parent household that’s barely getting by (and most likely on welfare), being harassed by the police on the streets, no dinner at night, and teachers that don’t believe in you (not to mention society thinking you’re a thief and criminal the second they lay eyes on you or when you walk into a store) would YOU be able to concentrate on homework? 

Also, I think the world can be saved when poverty is eliminated.  When people’s basic and intellectual needs are satisfied they naturally turn outward to the broader issues at hand: saving the environment, organic crops, further eliminating poverty, improving the local community and also nationally, the ending of wars, fighting social injustice, and challenging of political oppression (dictatorships, censorship,  and propaganda [though capitalist societies are guilty of this also] ). 

In order for poverty to be eliminated, people must give up their immediate needs for the greater good.  Is having a stable career, a mortgage, and happy family ALL that’s important in one’s life?  Does one’s welfare extend beyond their own wellbeing?  Those are the hard questions one has to ask if they want to contribute to the world 

My goal is to eliminate poverty and improve the level of education; if I can cure people’s health and inspire the masses too then I’ll take it.  Yep.  🙂

Have a great day!  🙂




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