I’ve had Enough


Wake up

Get breakfast

Rush to work!

Fight traffic!

Meet with friends


Time to cook dinner!

The work day starts early tomorrow!

Pay bills

Go to work

Call him

Meet them there

Go to church

Don’t forget to pick up package

Return text

Cancel order

This is life

A life of busy-ness


I’ve had enough
I’ve had enough of the endless work

The unending chain of errands

Of the “don’t forget” lists

The bills, the appointments, the priorities

The calendars, the organizers, the obligations

The careers, the mortgage, the retirement

The reminders

I’ve had enough,

I’ve had enough of this plastic shell

This shiny, polished neat

Jail cell

That we’ve created for ourselves

And that we live in

Clean streets

Kids on bicycles

Children playing football

Adults slave,

Slave away

To give them this life

So they can continue carrying

On this neat, plastic prison

Only when

Their souls

And spirits

Are crushed

A future in which we work our lives away

Residing in a small box

All so we can live in a bigger box

And then ride a white bird to foreign places

In which other people are working away in their boxes

Boxes that they try to enjoy

Some have grown to be comfortable

In boxes

And point to others who don’t want to

Live in a box

And call them crazy

Others remain restless

Maybe eventually go crazy

Who can live in a box

For their whole life? 



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