The Factory (A Rough Draft)


The workers shuffled into the facility with their plain blue buttoned up shirts, and blue slacks and brown loafers.  The factory alarm bell rang and all began working immediately at their tasks.

In the upstairs office, above the factory floor the supervisor was speaking with a new trainee.
“Well Trainee, it’s so nice to have you,” said Manager.

“It is an honor to be here today, sir.  Thank you for giving me this position,” responded Trainee.

“It’s an easy job, once you get the hang of it.  Well, errr… you’ll have to ignore the, the, the uncomfortable aspects of the job sometimes.  Besides that, if you can handle it then it is a solid job that will give you security for a lifetime,” continued Manager.

“Thank you so much, again,” said Trainee.  Trainee adjusted his maroon colored tie and smoothed his tucked in, well-ironed, smooth white dress shirt and khaki pants.  He then smoothed his dark brown hair and peered around the office…(insert more detail here) and his dark eyes gazed onto the factory floor: there was so much order including conveyor belts, employees hard at work in their blue uniforms, and new humans and lifestyles behind manufactured by the day.  There was just so much order; everyone hard at working at their section and replicating their neighbors.

“You’ll enjoy it just fine here.  First things first, let’s take a tour, shall we?”

“Okay, sure, sir.”

“We’ve got a lot to cover buddy boy.  Did I mention you’ll receive full benefits and vacation time while working here?  It’s an easy gig!”

“Thank you, sir.”
“Errr… let’s see,” Manager utters while looking down at his clipboard in his hands.  His pudgy fingers run up and down the page and he used his free hand to stroke his bushy, grey, overgrown eyebrows, and then run the fingers around his bald, shiny head.  “A ha! Let’s go to upper middle class section first.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Yes, yes.  This series of models are easy: education, career, family, mortgage, and retirement.  This group is very simple to control.  Once you start the factory line you’ll find they run themselves, and not only that, they’ll tend to shun any deviant who steps out of line.  This group really loves routine and will do as you say.  Occasionally, there will be outcasts who step of this patter; just put them in the defective pile.  Either way, this clean cut group will shun them anyway so perhaps we don’t even need to do that extra step, but company procedure demands that we follow company guidelines,” he said while he rolled his eyes and took out a hankerchief to wipe beads of sweat off his overweight face.

Trainer took diligent notes on his clipboard as he listened to the words of the oracle.  After all, with this pay increase then he can take his family to Europe for 2 weeks this year.  This was just the opportunity he was looking for.  “Uh huh, so what if the defective… I mean deviants try to escape or get out of their defective pile?  I mean, they’re still alive, correct?”

“Well, technically yes.  We’re working on new cages; also they’ll save space if we clump this closer together.  Unfortunately, company policy doesn’t allow for killing or live burials, so we’ll have to keep them alive just long enough until their lifespan ends,” said Manager.

Trainee frowned, and replied, “Oh yes, I understand sir!  They can be a bother.  I’ll see to it that they remain in the pile.  We need to keep this factory in order.”

Installment One Ends.


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