It has been my dream to become a writer since I was 18 years old.  Back then, my plan was to become a famous writer by the time I graduated at age 22  and use teaching as my “fallback plan.”  Lo and behold, that didn’t happen because everyone is wondering: who the hell is Ching-Yin Lee?  The funny thing is it’s always been in the back of my mind for 15 years now, and my potential as a writer is only beginning to surface.  However, the reason why I’m writing this post is not only to write about my dream, BUT to write about the people SUPPORTING my dream. 

You see, my path can be very spotlessly clean: become time Kung Fu coach or become a full time teacher.  I can pursue those paths with single minded  effort and perhaps succeed, however, not all roads drive smoothly.  It would appear my passion for writing and for social service/justice is taking me onto the road away from the conveniences, predictability, and mundane hecticness of everyday life.  Am I afraid?  You can bet your ass I’m afraid.  I’m traveling into the unknown, into the inexperienced, and into the darkness of my soul where there is light on the other end.

When I made my intentions public I figured I’d be publicly lauded, gossiped about (especially within the martial arts community where a coach is supposed to be this shining light of leadership and stability – here I am a young adult still figuring out the ropes, a maladjusted young person with ADHD with a penchant for martial arts and philosophy, and really just a good ole’ black sheep), and mocked.  Instead people have given an outpouring of support, love, and empathy.  I cannot be any more thankful.  I still feel ridiculous about the whole thing but I cannot go any other way: I’ve attempted the straight life with paying rent, paying bills, and working at all hours of the day.  In the end, I failed or perhaps the system failed me.  A client I once worked with told me one of his mantras that his mentor gave him was: “Find an environment in which you can thrive.”  Perhaps I had not found my proper environment.

Anyway, I hope my dream in some way inspires others to dream.  I also hope my dream creates room for others to dream.  It is through dreams that the world becomes a better place.  It is through the support of fellow dreamers that dreams come into actuality.  Really, without support, I’d be nothing. 

Thank you everyone!  Also, thanks to anyone who actually has read some of this blog and who actually supports me.  Have a great day!


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