Cross Country Trip: Why am I Going?


There are so many reasons  that I am going.  So many things to write and so little time before I take off.  First, on a personal level I feel that the way society is set up causes me to fail.  There are too many things to take care of, the lifestyle is too hectic with very little down time (maybe I should move into a farm!), and I do feel an existential crisis (what is the point?) that keeps me up at night.  Second, I believe that this existential crisis is felt by everyone whether or not they’re aware of it – Karl Marx outlined this feeling in his Theory of Alienation which is supposedly the root of his philosophy on Communism (mainly a critique of capitalism and how it alienates a person from their work and other people – how private companies end up using them as a tool  versus feeling like a complete human being) – and that for their sake I would like to try to change the system through my writing, ditching the day to day life, and trying to work as a writer which gives me permission to author my own work and to determine much more of the outcome of the work.  Third, excuse my disorganized discourse… I was recently jolted with a car crash and some other life changing events that caused me to quit my job.  It also caused me to reprioritize my life and I found I love writing and that it is my calling.  To add, it caused me to look closely at society and our daily living combined with coming across a photo of a Native American in photo saying that before the white man came there was no debt, buffalo was plentiful, water was clean, and the men hunted while the women worked domestically, and everyone had access to treatment by the medicine man.   This covers: nutrition and healthcare (I’m sure there is a basic education too) which are parts of the successful Latin American program which reduced poverty called PROGRESA –  this involved parents sending their children to school instead of work after the 3rd grade and also have to enroll in a nutrition and healthcare.  Next, I am critical of the quality of education that the impoverished are receiving as well as their access to proper employment, nutrition, and healthcare (not to mention the extra social issues in poor neighborhoods).  Lastly, I would like to critique the current education system. 

While I am on my trip I would like to study sociology and perhaps educational theory more extensively to sharpen and improve my perspectives so that they will be useful and clear for others.  I would also like to add that Hegel’s work in Phenenology of the Spirit really touched me too.  He said that society as a whole will life from a  phase of ignorance into self-actualization.  I hope this is the case.  Lastly, F*CK the 40 hour work week.   Have a great day!  🙂


The late Robin Williams (RIP) liked to quote Henry David Thoreau in the movie “Dead Poets Society”:  “All men live lives of quiet desperation.”  I’m simply trying to be less desperate.  Also, my tai chi teacher told me that it is our responsibility to be happy in order to benefit the world.  I’m sure he may have had different interpretations of the meaning of this phrase, but I respect and learned from it anyway.  I hope to shed some light on it (or shine some light, Wei-Wei?) and instead of going into the woods to Walden Pond I’m hitting the road like a yuppy broken loose from the work machine. 

Also, yesterday while preparing and shopping I had felt the first shot of confidence and stability and exhilaration since I got hit by car on May 9th.  That was shocking and traumatizing and I really didn’t know how much until yesterday – my life battery was in the negatives; a barren wasteland of qi desolation and hopeless depression as well as staleness that could then after be characterized as being jump started by a thunderbolt.  I am anew!  😀


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