Aug 17: Day 3.


Day 3 is going well so far. (Note*: Please excuse the lack of editing)

I’m feeling some inertia in writing today, however, it has been an effective day.
I drove and took two cat naps in my car during the night.

There was a very nice lady at a gas station in a town called Marion, NC right before I was about to hit the mountains in the car. Next door was a very nice Walmart where I stocked up on water and also bought a new can opener.

So far, my finances for the trip went a bit like this:

– $35-40 for gas
– $5-7 for water

Before leaving, in addition to the $80 of groceries, I had bought a large
cooler from Kmart for $20 (on sale! 🙂 and bought a tent ($35), sleeping bag
($32 😦 ), and a one gallon insulated water holder ($15!) from Target.

THe morale has been well with many moments of inspiration. I’m digging through
my neuroses, fear, and anger as well as opening my heart to the world, to
alleviating the suffering of human beings and hastening their progress towards
salvation/enlightenment, and connecting with and finding God in Nature. The
natural scenery in North Carolina is already something to behold: much trees
and foilage, green grasses (especially in Greesnboro), and lots of open space
even in the suburbs – a refreshing destressor from the clunkiness of the
DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) lifestyle where every inch of land is used for
construction and space (and built on top of for extra space and property rental)
and buildings, trees, and people pack everyione thus inducing everyone to be
in a more stressful state. However, entering what looks to be the Smokey
Mountains on i-40 west is really something that opened my heart: endless trees
on rolling mountains, layers of fog covered slopes, and air is so fresh and clean.

I feel so committed to the cleansing that’s going on inside my soul and
my commitment to alleviate suffering in the world. Sometimes people have asked
me why don’t I “take care of myself first” before taking care of others.
My eevntua response to them after some thought is that I AM taking care of myse
by taking care of others because it is my soul’s journey, my source of happiness,
and the meaning to my life. Nothing lese can be gained from it. I feel so
fulfilled and “Full” inside. The hate and “gunk” in my heart is slowly melting
away and transforming into endless love for humanity and my fellow human beings.

Also, last night, while searching for a Wifi connection (the one slight “con”
of being in North Carolina is the lack of public Wifi spots except for the
occasional Panera Bread and Starbucks), I began reading some website summaries
of various sociologists including: Marx, Hegel, Weber, and Durkheim. It was
either Weber or Durkheim that expressed concern of the world becoming prone to be
ruled by “rationalization” and that this would destroy some of the “magic” and
“enchantment” of the world and thus undermine and destroy people’s happiness.
I find this to be true: ordinary mundane life, while secure with food and shelter,
really is dulll, bland, and can feel purposeless (it feels like an endless
laundry list of chores – I feel it kills my very creativity and artist’s soul).
Again, either Weber or Durkheim, continued to say that thus with the rationalization of society will include beauracracy which is another soul-killer (myh interpretation) which was seen in a negative light. All of osceity was predicted and has become built on beauracracy (I should expound and explore this element later at some point).I do not know a lot about beauracracy but know that i Have an innate hatred for it and the very thought of iti makes my stomach hurl.

Next, this critique and fight again a society based solely on rationalization has
been discussed by various thinkers which sort of connects some of the favorite
thinkers, schemas, and attitudes I’ve developed over the years. These
thinkers or ideas include : Transcendentalism with Thoreau & Emerson (believed
in innate goodness in people, respected Nature, and believed that one can rise
above or transcend problems), Rouseau, John dewey, I did like William James
and his essay on ideosyncratic perspective (that every event or situation has
different meaning to different people yet it holds to be true, simlar to Einstein’s theory of relatvity), Epicurius (believed in a life of pleasure, friendship, and virtue), Aristotle, and of course the strong team of sociologists: Marx, Weber, Hegel, and Durkheim. It is almost R & R: Rationalization vs. Romanticism. In this “Plastic”
Age who can bring back the organic romanticism and wonder in our world?


– Hire more artists to pain and decorae the greey swollen buildings
and other urban jungle ware in our urban soceities
– Alleviate poverty
– Encourage philoophsy, sociology, and other aspects of hte humanities
in education as opposed to the “Iron” studies of: math, science etc.
– Undervalue material accomplishment and value spirtiual accoplishments,
gurus, and teachers and wise elders.
– My friend told me that “I am” a movie about a famous director who donated
all of his money away and lived in a trailer to change his life style and the world
discussed the importance of valuing COOPERATION over COMPETITION – the oppostie
of American society.

Also, I’m thinking of getting more into environmentalism. The beauty of what I’ve seen in the
past two days cannot be described or captured in my little insignificant
low pixel cell phone. The beauty and wonder in which it did behold in my
soul would be even more difficult to describe. Nature connects us to ourselves,
the outside world, and to humanity – much the opposite of technology. I shall
expound on this more later.

On a more literal topic, I just drove today and I’m figuring out if I should camp in this small this mountainous region or not. Had great Trader Joe’s Lentil soup for breakfast with bread and Spaghetti O’s, canned pienapple, and canned beets for lunch.

Lastly, why is college the only appropriate avenue in society to explore themselves? This should be changed.


Life seems to be  a game of lost and found: you keep losing yourself and finding yourself.

Have a great day! 😀


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