Day 5: Aug 20


Last night I slept pretty well at this quaint place on the outskirt suburbs of Memphis, TN called “Memphis East Campgrounds.” It was a nice grass and gravel lot with a pond in the back. The locals were friendly and I even had an opportunity to coach these young Latino boys in how to market and sell products for school funding. They were riding around on a bike and asking random people “do you want to buy a coupon book?” I told them it would be more effective to first introduce themselves, tell the person what school they attend, and where the money will go to. Also, I told them to make eye contact, smile, and sound persuasive. This seemed to help as a few of them actually sold a few before it was too late in the evening.

The road is getting tiring and I am approaching Little Rock, AK which is where I plan on settling tonight.

A few funny quirks of the South:
– Very few Wi-Fi spots but their McDonald’s always has a decent connection. Let me rephrase that: I didn’t think they had any for a while since they Starbucks and Panera Bread’s seemed to be more and more sparse the further South I went.
– They LOVE their 24 hour Subway restaruants for some reason.
– Waffle House: everywhere.
– Some places in North Carolina seem to have some forced friendliness while Tennessee natives appear to be real sweethearts. As an Asian American and minority, I do get a few weird looks from time to time, but I assume it’s because it’s their first encounter with awesome.

I’m finding it more and more difficult to keep up the writing routine as 80% or more of my focus goes to the road trip and keeping moving. I am meditating more and feeling healthy in spite of eating mostly canned foods. Trader Joe’s prepackaged and pre-prepared Indian vacuum packs are awesome! I also really like to raid Walmart as they’ve become a mini-Costco as a opposed to a poor man’s Kmart.
I’ve applied to two jobs this week. Wish me luck!

Too many topics and interesting topics have come to me on the road or before showering/sleeping lately but by the time I’m in front of the computer I am too tired to write about them.
One of them is: is showering and bathing a symbolic or “energetic” cleansing of the soul/the day’s work/the day’s sins? Most people have their best ideas when they shower or when they relieve themselves in the bathroom.

I also have thoughts of being a hermit. I mean I love human beings: I just can’t stand being around them. Also, spending time or living away from the city and the suburbs might give me an opportunity to live a less hectic and chore-filled day. I just want to do what I love in peace and help others while doing it. How hard is that? I plan on working and interacting with others on some level (such as coaching, attending class etc.) , however, while doing my daily living I want to be away – heck, maybe even start a vegetable garden. I saw this video of a 70-year-old woman who was a full vegan and grew all of her food around her house in Florida and eats them raw and juices them with rain water. I’ll have to post the video next time – Thanks Frank!

Almost forgot! I had an affininty with this playful, friendly, and polite stray cat at the campground last night. I saw a few stray animals in the South already, unfrotuantely. This cat watned attention and a playmate, so I humored him a bit when I was refining my tent after the shower. However, every time he got too close I shoed him away beause I wans’t sure if he had an health problems. I think we both felt a strong affinity towards me too. When I set up my camp, and went to bed I kept thinking of him, how cruel the world was, and what I’d do if he was my pet. Soon enough, as I was thinking of making him an obstacle course he started climbing my tent. I had to shoe him off from insdie. Then he started grabbing objects and playing with them through the tent cover and in the morning he tore off my rain cover and looked inside a few times from the net. My tent was the Leaning Tower of Ching when I got out to assess the situation.

Have a great day!


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