Day Four: Aug 19, 2014


Our anti-hero drives all day yesterday and finally looks for a campground around midnight. Lo and behold he did not find any between the Smokey Mountains and Memphis, Tennessee – at least none when he was ready to stop and rest. He sleeps in a Memphis Tourist Center parking lot and finds a campground ONE exit down! He settles in and does hella’ laundry (hella’ = hell of a lot or “helluva” in California Bay Area slang [at least circa 2004] ).
Real Story:
Day four has come and gone. Most of the time when I post on the blog I am writing about the end of the last day and most of the current day as the day time is when it is easiest to find a Wi-Fi hotspot while the night time is for driving and finding a place to sleep. Last night, I was able to trek many miles in my beater ’94 Toyota Corolla. I left the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee behind and started driving towards Knoxville, Nashville, and finally ended up on the suburban edges of Memphis, TN. Actually, I passed many campsites between 3pm-8pm last night but I decided I’d keep driving and pushing forward. I thought I’d pass a good campsite eventually and I passed the last good one around 9pm-10pm. At that point, I thought I’d find a good one between 12am-1am and get some good rest. By the time midnight rolled around, I could only find RV and trailer parks for miles and miles and exit after exit. Around 2:30am I had finally given up and decided to call it a night. I drove off of the first exit that I saw and parked in a Memphis Tourist Center and then slept between 2:30am-7:30am.
Upon waking up, I decided to get back on the road immediately and hit the road. Much to my surprise, the very next exit on I-40 West was Memphis East Campground! I was just 1% away from success but the 3-4 hour fruitless hunt became too discouraging and tiring. This sort of reminds of me of a true story of an expedition team in perhaps Antartica. The team was lost for weeks and had spent much time and resources finding their way back to the base camp. The story goes that they had died and froze to death, however, they were within 50 feet of the base camp. This goes to show sometimes pushing just a little bit further could produce the results we wanted and that sometimes we are not aware of how close we really are to our goals.
So far I still have to say I’ve seen so much and been so far that if my journey were to end tomorrow I would be perfectly happy. I’ve been opened to the eyes of God.
I’d like to write more about certain archetypal figures that I connect with including the Japanese Guardian God Neo, Archangel Michael, and Jesus. Also, the MEdicine Buddha.  LIke that and this incomplete sentence?  🙂


I’m usually not a very Christian person, in fact I’m a Taoist and Buddhist (as well as a Confucianist, Epicurian, and Epictetus Stoic, oh, and a Transcendentalist), but I heard perhaps 30 minutes of a sermon on the radio. It was very touching. The speaker was discussing a section in the Bible in which Jesus discussed “clothing yourself in humility.” It is a very touching and poetic comment that strikes at the heart of sainthood.
More on everything tomorrow. The bugs in Memphis, TN definitely bite and they love me!
The internet is slow in this campground and the bugs bite faster than a samurai draws his blade.
Have a great day!


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