Trouble in Paradise


So a series of “unfortunate events” have occurred in the last day.  I’ve had a pretty seamless trip from the East Coast to the West Coast (well, technically I was pulled over in practically every state from driving too slow, not wearing a seat belt, to not swerving to the left lane when someone else is pulled over etc.).  However, yesterday took the cake: I camped out at the KOA (Campgrounds of America) in Ventura Ranch, CA where they also charged me a stunning $38 for a night at the camp site.  I met a great guy named Robert from Riverside, CA also (more on that later – we talked about God, cost of living in different states, his union and retirement plans etc.). 

As I was pulling away from the campground, a cop saw me with the double whammy: I was leaving a friend a voicemail from my speakerphone AND my seatbelt was off because I had just left the campground and there were NO cars around!  He pulled me over and gave me a citation for each. Within 2 minutes of pulling out of the lane my father called and told me some stupid warning citation I got for a broken tail light back in April came back to get me!  Apparently, I had to get the tail light approved by some inspection station or police station in Maryland, and get back to the MVA or my tags would be suspended!  Well, guess what?  I just found out yesterday.

I went to a Fillmore, CA police station and they refused to sign off on it (come on!  It’s just a tail light!  Say it works and let’s get on with it!) because it was “outside their jurisdiction.”  Stupid cops.  Next, I went to this Boost Mobile store and talked to a woman named Joanna (this is a bit of a Quarantino – this happened after visited the police station, them telling me I needed a hard copy which my father E-mailed to me, then going around trying to find a way to print it out –  and she agreed to print out my ticket from my E-mail.

So here I am, in Mountain View, CA (near the Bay Area), and some thousands of miles from home – I’m not going home based on some fuckin’ traffic violation.  If you see me on some high speed police chase, pray for me (pray that I outrun the authorities!).  I got the tail light fixed the same week of the citation back in April, but that was all.  I didn’t get any notice in April, June, July… and now I get one in August with the deadline of my suspension?  WTF?!!  Anyway, I’m enjoying my stay in California and look forward to looking for more jobs, settling somewhere, and getting to work and posting about my adventures since Arkansas. 

By the way, I’m in love with Mountain View!  Only here does everyone seem friendly and you can pass two people having a conversation about how “these music videos are just a microcosm of…”  – what intellects!

I found a few sites through Freelance Writing Gigs and Freedom Writing including textbroker, iwriter, and elance which are sites that content consumers post projects and assignments, and writers can pick them up and get paid – the higher your writing the more you get paid.  I’m all about it . I’ve applied to close to 20 jobs already before finding these sites without any luck.  Wish me luck.

Oh yeah, I’ve decided not to Anglicize my name from Ching-Yin Lee even if it opens the door to more job assignments –  this is my birth name and is special to me.  My name means “Honest Politician” and I’ll be damned if I don’t live up to it.  Also, I love how Mountain View has Chinese and Asian restaurants and decor everywhere.  I also like the smell of Chinese pastries and buns and dim sum on the street.  Reminds me of my upbringing and is a sign of my longing and nostalgia for my Chinese upbringing.  I feel my family was so eager to Americanize us and assimilate into American culture that some of the old traditional-ness has been lost, but nothing’s perfect.  I do miss the sense of Chinese-ness that my grandparents brought with them.  Regardless, I’m not complaining; my parents did a bang up job: just look at me!  😀

Have a great day!  🙂


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