Reality vs. Fantasy


Yes, by the sounds of the title I am contemplating some epic truth, some timeless dilemma, or some deep life meaning.  No, I’m on my trip, I’m almost done running around and camping night to night and instead of writing 5-8 hours a day by or near a beach I’m writing court excuses for some stupid tickets I’ve acquired in Texas and California and hoping I don’t get my car impounded for some stupid tail light citation from April that I got fixed. 

Just great.  Gotta keep on truckin’!  Right?  🙂

In other news, as I said in my previous post, I am in love with Mountain View, CA.  I feel my attitude and reaction to stress softening as I paced their downtown area.  There is a tolerance, intellectualism, and laid back manner in the pace of the town and it’s soaking into my uptight, hard, and worried East Coast mentality.  Also, I’m surprised how spread out parts of the town are.  In Maryland, every INCH is being utilized.  In this warehouse lot in San Jose, CA, I could have seen 2-3 rows of warehouses being built in the span of their huge parking lot.  It is a fact that the more crowded the circumstances, then the more stressed the inhabitants.  I’m looking forward when they build luxury condominiums on top of their luxury condominiums. 

Good stuff. 

I can’t wait to settle and hit the ground running.  In a way, I have no choice: I’m desperate! 

I’m still doing as Steve Harvey said: Jump!  Take the leap!  Chase your dreams! 

Love is all around.  I feel so happy and blessed.


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