The Box


I feel we’ve all been conditioned to live in “the box.”  Whether it’s an apartment, a house, a job, a lifestyle, or the restrictiveness of a boss and employer.  The 9-5 schedule and the 40 hour work week is another box.  I feel we’ve been forced into the position which casts institutional, economical, and spiritual oppression on people in society.  Confining us in a box represses our spirit and drive and talent as human beings.  I wish there was a system which doesn’t just profess to raise individualism, but actually champions people’s true talents and help them to harness them.  We live in such a plastic, manufactured, and artificial society.  Our technology have already surpassed our needs and seem to have turned against us while we blindly advance towards an unknown and unthought-of direction. This is a short post, but this is a concept that weighs on me intensely: the lack of lifestyle variations in our modern society, the cookie-cutter feel of the machine of society (all for what?  to keep an over powered nation going?  To keep a strong economy going all for profit and abundance that we’ll never see?  because some economist, theorist, philosopher, or politician felt this was the best way to live? Because this once was a revolutionary concept that has sky-netted it’s way back to us and have decided to feed on our souls?), the over rationalization and bureaucratic nature of our society, and just the bland, grinding, and unimaginative nature of our work schedules, our surroundings (why are all subway stations grey, concrete, and cold?).  There’s too much that is wrong in society; I have to do more research on Sweden and other European countries that my friend mentioned which have free healthcare and other benefits for their participants.  He said they also require all workers to have 2 months of the year off for vacation and if someone leaves a job their serverance package includes 2 months of vacation.  How wonderful. 

Anyway, there can be a better life out there for everyone, and I’ll try in the next 2-3 years to deconstruct capitalism, our addiction to technology, and the vapid, spiritual emptiness which surrounds our oftentimes well-to-do lifestyles.  Spirituality is a very personal, individual thing, but social forces also can increase or decrease the potential of human beings, and I hope to do both in the near future.

Take care! 😀


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