Were the Early Human Settlements Communists/Socialists?


Back then, humans used to live in tiny settlements – at least tiny by our standards.  Most likely, they lived in villages where they had various members: elders/gurus, hunters, gatherers, medicine men/shamen/healers, clergymen, blacksmiths etc.  In addition, they probably had builders and architects.  So where am I doing with this rant?  The early settlers may have had all the necessities of life:  food, shelter, healthcare, and some type of protection (I’m sure they had warriors or some type of army).  Did they slave away for 8 hours a day on the clock just to have a plot of land and to “retire” from killing themselves?  Probably not.  On one hand, they may not have had a long life expectancy, on the other hand, they might have lived more fulfilling and meaningful lives.  As everyone was cared for, does this make these early settlements a socialist civilization?  Food for thought.  When did we surpass our necessities and just make life too damn narrow, dull and repetitiveness, and full of drudgery?  Karl Marx believed that making a salary should make room for other and more meaningful pursuits – not for it’s own goal. 

That’s it for now.  Take care!


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