Shifting from a Left-Brained Oriented Mentality


I was walking the streets of Mountain View, CA, and I began to thinking of ways to rewire my brain.  Currently, my brain is in a left-brained oriented mentality.  This includes:

–  What do I need to do?

–  How do I get it done as fast as possible?
–  Do I need to prioritize my tasks?

–  Do I have time to complete the task?

–  Can I fit in something fun?

The list can go on.  The main ingredients are tasks, efficiency, and measuring of demands vs. leisurely desires.  The rewiring of the brain goes a bit like this:

–  How do I create and be open to miracles?

–  How do I inspire and be inspired by others?

–  How can I create something new, original, and unique in this world?

–  How can I bless this world with the work that I create?

–  How I can view life and situations outside of the box?

–  How can I create a wellspring of joy within my being?

Also, lately I’ve been overcome with a rush of love and wellbeing within myself in places where pain, depression, and anger once dwelled before.  I can further understand how one of my teachers told me to let go of the self and ego; perhaps enveloping myself in love, compassion for others, and performing random acts of love for others diminishes my sense of self and ego.  I am on the path, and where it will take me I don’t know, but I i feel a lot of my insides are changing.  Also, desperation is a good motivator too!

Have a great day!  😀


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