Cop’s Paradise: Salina 5-0


So I’ve escaped another near death experience.  Last night, after a pleasant day at the beach, I decided to hit the Wi-Fi in the area so I went to Burger King.  I ate there and used their Wi-Fi.  Afterward, I used their internet, but of course after a while I got the evil eye.  I decided to move on to Starbucks next door even though it was dark, and driving with one headlight at night is pretty scary around cop-infested waters!

The second I pulled into the parking lot there were 2-3 squad cars and the cops were chillin’ outside with coffees in their hands!  Not to mention my loud motor caused all of their heads to turn casually toward me.  As soon as I could I turned off my head lights a split second before pulling into spot: they saw everything: the right exposed window and zero headlight.  I was a dead man.  I panicked, so I casually slipped out into the store while two of the cars left and one left behind.  I could hear him waiitng.  While drinking my coffee, I decided I was just gonna fess’ us and go to him and tell him let’s save the trouble of you pulling me over, what are the consequences?  Here’s my license.  I also had the feeling that he might do the following:  check my MD tags for any criminal records and then leave.  However, the shop closed within 15 minutes of my entering!  The guy just needed to wait a few minutes and I was a dead man!  When I cam out of the parking lot, the man was gone!  Hallenujeh!  🙂

I decided I was going to visit the local library parking lot for some time before going to the motel parking lot to sleep:  I know, I’m grimey!  😀  So I get there and hang out about 1.5 hours to complete my profiles and qualifications for iWrter, Textbroker, and eLance.  ALL of the websites need some kind of verification process that just won’t pass for me: iWriter my Maryland address doesn’t work, Textbroker they need to judge one piece of my writing before ranking me and allowing me to accept jobs – I submitted it last Monday but then they required a proof of citizenship because they have a lot of foreign applicant trolls, and then eLance won’t accept my paypal E-maill account.  Fun stuff!

After about 45 minutes a cop pulled into the parking to check things out.  I just continued watching my movie and pretended nothing was up despite being the only car in the lot.  I got the search light, the flashlight from behind, and  of course the inevitable conversation: at least he speared the siren.  That thing scares me!  So intiimdating!  It was actually a nice Scottish or Irish man as he had a thick accent, but was very polite and said he was just checking things out.

He then asked me if I had any criminal record and said I can do what I had to do, that he let another cop know I was here so it was okay, but I couldn’t sleep here.  I told him I understood that and said thank you.  Then I worked for another hour and moved onto Castroville, which is between Salina and Marina.  Back to the beach later today because it is so nice!  My face is all tanned and sunburnt from yesterday’s beach nap.  Let’s not get another burn, as my skin will fall off!  No more skin on this ugly mug!  

Have a great day!                             


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