New Blog Format and the Past Week


Well, so much has happened in the past week I don’t know where to start.  First, I’m thinking I will start making smaller blog posts as some of them take so long to write (1-3 hours), and I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out on the inside while writing them and experiencing what I’m experiencing in life.

This week has seen a few changes; some were setbacks and some were big steps forward.  Against my will, my parents deposited money into my account because they were concerned.  However, honestly, I would do the same if I were a parent (most likely or being an educator I’d find a way to make the situation a lesson etc.).  It’s what they do.  I view my poverty and my life situation as my own problem and my problem to overcome.  However, it would be plain stupid to refuse money or to give it to others more in need as it can go towards constructive causes.

I fixed some of the things on my vehicle this week: fixed the hanging muffler pipe – welded it back to the base in the center (man does a detached muffler pipe make the car screech and groan and drive slowly!) and replaced the passenger side window.  Actually, the right head light still works, it was only the right blinker that did not work.  Somehow, in between the last time I checked and the present the headlight started working – the whole fear of the police was very much in my head.  How funny!

I’ve been moving from parking lot to parking lot, visiting a few beaches and meditating on them (namely Marina Beach and Moss Landing State Beach), and really trying to focus on my writing career (I’m now officially a member of two contracting sites where clients put assignments down and writers pick them up: textbroker and elance.  I also found a funny article on “how to live in a car” haha:

I’m having difficulty registering on iwriter).  I’m also figured on a schedule as I’m basically now entirely self-employed: the mornings go to job hunting and fixing my profile on my websites (I’ve also subscribed to hubpages and will subscribe to guru), the afternoons go to blogging (medium level task and medium level creativity), and evenings go to book writing (I’m co-authoring a fantasy novel and started writing an advice/self-help book).

I’m also figuring out WordPress formatting/site building on the side and reading up on how to write, publish, and sell ebooks.

That’s basically my whereabouts in a nutshell.

Very quickly:

Moss State Landing Beach: wow!  Very little to no people on it.  A bit windy, but clean and empty and beautiful and expansive.  They have vegetation in and around it that they fence off; there are also a few small lakes on the other side of the sane.  There were seals, wild SEALS in them laying around, playing, scartching themselves on logs etc.  AMazing, and also there were little pelican looking grey birds and a variety of other birds – so beautiful.  I’ve also seen groups of dolphins jumping out of the water and playing near the shore at Marina Beach and Moss State Landing Beach.

Lastly, 10 grapefruits for $1 and 7 mini-avocados (with smaller seeds so they almost have as much meat as a regular avocado) for $1 is a deal and a steal when you’re in Monterey/Santa Cruz.  There are so many farms.  Also, I think most Mexican Americans have been very friendly and very nice people to observe based on my experiences here.  Apparently, Castroville is the Artichoke Center of the World and I tried some deep fried artichokes at a produce market next to “The Giant Artichoke” restaurant (which apparently have terrible reviews on Yelp) – they sell 5 chicken nugget-sized deep-fried artichoke pieces for $1 !   I ate $3 worth the other day, it was so delicious and melted in my mouth while bieng perfectly crisp on the outside, and i had the worst food coma for 3 hours!  I could barely move.

Anyway, I’ve also had some sessions with this life  coach I met along the way in Grant, New Mexico.  His name is Ted and we talk once a week.  He’s helping me direct my energies toward the right path and helping me to undo some negative or tricky patterns in my everyday life.  He’s a great guy.

I’m thankful for all that I have.  I may have little, probably the least I’ve ever had in my life – but I’m so happy and blooming with energy and vitality and excitement.

I think I can really make this work.

Have a great day!  😀


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