9.12.14 – Another Day


Today has been a humdrum day. I got up pretty early and made some strides on the website http://www.elance.com . That’s becoming my favorite website, although http://www.guru.com may be a competitor. I’m now a member elance and textbroker, but some of the assignments on textbroker are really hum drum and boring – also, why would I want to spend an hour of my life researching something I don’t care about for $3?

I’m indebted to some of the mechanics that have helped me out in the area. In fact, today as I was about to fix my headlight and headlamp, the mechanic said he doesn’t do body work. He referred me to EK Elite Auto Repair, and the guy helped me bang out the dented fender and fix the grill. He placed in the lamps and also he told me the lamps came with lights so that I should return the lights I bought to get extra money (bulb). He also refused a $5 tip – I like to give service men good tips especially when they do a great job. He told me to: “Save it for gas, bro.” I’m so touched.

Here’s a “hitlist” of pple I need to thank further in the future:

– Joanna at Boost Mobile in Arizona
– Gonzalez at Gonzalez auto repair
– Salvador at Precision Auto Repair for fixing my windows
– Hector at EK Elite Auto Repair for fixing my dented fender and headlights
– Robert A. S. of Riverside for giving me honey bun pasteries and talking to me about life, God, and his family – we met at Ventura Ranch California
– Random guy who gave me cantelopes and bottles of water at Pilot Gas Station

I’m at Moss Landing State Beach now. The seals are laying around the lake with their heads and tails above the water and the body submerged. They seem to be chilling and relaxing and basking in the carefreeness of nature. Also, they appear to have no natural predators in this environment; beautiful. Also, there’s something different about watching large animals (are seals mammals?) in the wild; they don’t care about humans and have a freedom and nonchalance about them that they don’t have in captvitiy (ie – at the zoo). Awesome stuff. Time to do some meditation and writing on the beach. This area is so nice, although the evenings are still so cold. Why are California evenings so cold?

So I meditated on the beach. After about 25 mins of sitting meditation I suddenly felt sleepy and rolled over and slept on the beach. Despite it being a windy and cloudy day, the beach sand was warmed from the sun from the summer season. It was warm, soft, and welcoming and I lay in it for 2-3 hours. When I woke up I did some standing meditation and some martial arts kicks and punches. Also, it was interesting that when I lied on the sand the wind blew right over me but didn’t make me cold. It was when I sat up and stood up that I felt the wind. There was a myriad of different species of birds around, and some were singing to me in different songs. Once I saw a seagull within 5 feet of me when I meditated a few days ago. I enjoyed watching the pelican like creatures flying in the airing and diving beak first into the water to catch fish. I also enjoyed watching the formations of flying birds – it was a perfect boomerang shape or “V”. They were flying only a foot or less over the water. So beautiful.

It also occurred to me just how surprising happy and healthy I’ve been feeling lately. Regardless of living in a car, having very little as far as money or material wealth, and having an uncertain future I look and feel vibrant, healthy, and full of life.
I’m working on getting an eBook published in the next month or two also. I’m writing it right now:

This link was one of the inspiring factors of writing it. Of course I have to write about this trip at some point to because it has already changed my life forever and if I can create ripples to help others make better decisions and happier/healthier decisions in their lives so be it and that will really make me happy and joyful.  I think when you lead a life you’re supposed to, especially if it’s meaningful and helpful to life around you, you are given wings and angels look after you.
Have a great day!


One thought on “9.12.14 – Another Day

  1. William

    Actually, seals do have natural predators, I’m pretty sure. But those animals are out at sea and don’t come ashore like seals; I’m thinking orcas and sharks.

    As for the online freelance writing opportunities, it sucks that many sound to be droll and of no interest, other than perhaps a little bit of money for the trouble. I’ll say in advance I’m speaking as an outsider to the field, but I have a hunch that creative writing doesn’t tend to be contracted out as much as non-creative writing (like technical writing or business-oriented writing).


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