The Drought has Ended!


I had moved to California for a month and 4 days today in order to pursue a career as a writer and editor.  After countless, sweaty hours searching for jobs in my sauna-of-a-car and continuing on in the dark without a promise in mind, I have finally earned my first official paid gig from as an editor/proofreader for someone’s novel.

I am so thankful.  As hungry and desperate as I am, I was willing to become five times hungrier and more desperate to make this effort work.  Of course, the deal has not been finalized yet, but if it is then it would mean living off of $2-5 a day and taking showers at a 7-11 twice a week will no longer be a reality . Granted, I am well-fed, happy, inspired, and living off of Central California grapefruits, artichokes, and avocados for an inexpensive fare – I have that to be thankful for.  Also, I am surrounded by three very sparsely populated beaches that have hawks, cranes, seals, and dolphins.  I cannot be luckier.

In a way, I will miss this hunger and desperation because the resourcefulness and work ethic I’ve acquired from this period of time has been deep, inspiring, and a great lesson of operating under panic and crisis situations.  While my way of life is not sustainable and I was soon ready to give up on: living in California, living on writing, or being homeless in general (last night, I thought that I identified myself as a person that happens to be homeless versus a homeless man, however, as I went to bed last night in my car… I couldn’t help to notice my sticky skin and apparent body odor in the car – I was more homeless than I thought and feeling more ‘homeless’ by the day).

I will try my best to ensure that my efforts, move and hunger has not been in vain.

Here are some quotes I made up:

It never rains in Southern California, but it does in Central California!  (it actually did sprinkle twice this week).

While one author (was it von Goethe?) said “Experience is simply the name we give to our failures”, I’d like to counter with “Failure is just the name we assign when we give up.”  Not succeeding is not failure, changing life directions is not failure, and not giving in to lack of success declines/denies the possibility of perceived failure or the emptiness of lack of success.

Lastly, the Medicine Buddha, and God is great.  I’d like to thank my mentors (especially Dr. Lee) and good friends for all their help (especially Frank, Alexandra, Zhibo, William, Wamble, Roland, Shao, my mechanic and mentor Minh of MQ Auto in MD, and  special shout out to Dennis O.).  I would also like to thank Mr. Bregman, Ms. Long, and Ted S. for their guidance.  Thank you to Mike S. and Mike L.  So very much obliged and thankful!  😀  Thank you to the strangers who have helped me along the way including Bart & Jacob of Pampa, TX, Robert S. of Riverside, CA, random man at Pilot who offered me a burrito, fruit, and water for no reason, Jose at Giant Aritchoke fruit stand in Castroville , CA, Jesus at Gonzalez Auto Repair at Castroville, CA,Joanna of Boost Mobile, and the manager at BK in Castroville, CA who helped photograph my ID.
Have a great day!  😀


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