I am a Moron


So, it had become apparent to me last night that I had a certain sum of money waiting for me at paypal, an online banking system, that I had not utilized.  In other words, I have had a few friends and people in my close circle donate money to help fund my career as a writer (since before I left) and some money recently too, and I thought it automatically deposits into my bank account.  Well, it doesn’t!  You have to press a button to release the funds and transfer.  You got me!

Now, I have an extra cushion and have learned to be more resourceful with my money.  Maybe it was a good thing after all, but I can’t help feeling like an ignoramus when I half-starving at some points and conserving EVERY resource when I had money left over, however, knowing how I am, I probably would have ended up spending it on candy bars or something.  All worked out for the better.

So while I am waiting for the funds to transfer (my car got declined twice on Friday night), and I’m relatively stranded in Castroville (my commutes consist of parking lot movement, and to and fro Burger King and my parking spot at night) I bought myself an egg and cheese muffin for $1 at Bk this morning so I can bum off their internet.  Apparently, this worker could not wrap their brains around the fact that a sausage and cheese and egg muffin costs $1, but somehow an egg and cheese muffin rings up as $3!  That blows my mind, but after talking her through it about 4 times she finally got it.  In the meanwhile, some impatient person behind literally started honking: have people in this country become so impatient and hungry for BK that they have to rudely honk on an order?  You’ll get to stuff yourself with unhealthy food soon enough, in the meanwhile, be quiet have some manners!

Have a great day!


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