Pleasure and a Weekend


The past three weeks have been quite a trip:  panic, desperation, hunger, and eventually some resolution.  So what did I learn?  The value of a dollar, the value of gas and how to save it, and the resourcefulness of the mind when pressed towards desperation yet not wanting to give in.  It has been a trip.

I have been selected for two jobs now: editing a novel and proofreading a resume.  However, I may not accept the first one due to logistical reasons.  Either way, performing this type of work is so soulful for and reminds me that it is worth the journey and pain and growth along the way.

I relaxed this weekend, because that is something I promised myself: weekends off even when I was job hunting.  The body and mind need the rest and productivity needs it in order to stay high.  This weekend I have only rested and practiced martial arts.  Life is good.
I am sitting in my car now outside a Burger King while my laptop is being charged from the cigarette converter – don’t worry, the battery won’t run out.  I have two tuperware containers full of clothes to my right, a cooler on the passenger side back seat and another tuperware container on the driver’s side back seat full of canned foods, and camping equipment.  My life is good.  I’m relaxed, and carefree and watching an Anime called Hajime No Ippo.

My life coach Ted has given me direction and now my daily schedule includes being in bed before 10pm and I somehow wake up around 5am or earlier (sometimes 3am, 3:30am, or 4am) and after some morning rituals I’m ready to go.  Be free to contact me if you are ever in a need of a life coach:  I totally recommend him.  He’s helping me make some changes in my life and the way I see myself and my situation.

Relaxing, watching my favorite anime, talking with friends online, eating Walmart brand pop tarts, and watching reruns of the Wonder Years and maybe playing chess is part of my little effort to be an Epicurean: living life as if pleasure were the main aim.  This doesn’t mean the pleasure of the senses nor a hedonistic or over the top existence, but merely a life of small pleasures, friendship, and enjoyment of what life has to offer and not being afraid to pursue them or enjoy them.

Have a great day!  I see a bright future, strength and clarity in my character, and vigilance against any sabotaging forces.  Let’s make this work!  😀


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