Apolcalypse vs. Awakening


So it has come to my attention that humans are not exactly heading in the right path as far as the environment and world peace is concerned.  Natural resources, nature reserves, and even the nutrition in our foods are being depleted in alarming rates.  While we, as a people, have come a long in human rights and have also improved some of our foreign relations between countries and groups, war is still a major factor in this world and war over money and power at that.

So what of it…. what is we can do is a major question to be asked.  I also ask that as this current keyboard has no question mark, so I have to pose the question as a statement thank you very much.  Back to reality, oh, there goes gravity…back to the topic.  The path that humans are heading down, there aims to be two solutions; either the situation will become so dire, so low, almost to the point of our extinction before we decided to make a change.  This means we’ll wait and procrastinate until there are no other options before we make change because desperation and the threat to our own self-preservation will be our prime motviating factor – peace, love, and compassion ensues later as a result.

The other option is that we change as a group by a spiritual or paradigm awakening in which wholeness, love, equality, and the respect for Earth takes over.  This is happening on some level, but it is not at a level that can slow down, stop, or even reverse the impending damage – it’s like trying to stop a 10 ton truck with a few action hero figurines.  Surely, that movement will be stopped easily.  We need a stronger and more global force that contains compassion, wisdom, and love as it’s guiding force and not simple ideas of self-preservation, selfishness, and a sole focus on materialism, economy, and nationalism.

The End..


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