Becoming a Writer II (Deux – Doo – Do?)


Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.” – Otto von Bismarck 

Yes, yes.  This relates being a writer too: it’s not always a pretty process.  Better to just see the result! Haha. Being a writer is not easy, however, I like how it opens up our inner world and at least for myself, it allows me to explore it, inspect it, relive it, reflect upon it, and use it for philosophy and fiction and other pursuits.  It also is another arena for me to gather about the ugliness of myself and the beauty, and the “blah” mundane, ordinary, and plain moments of my life.  Writing is a self-propelling process with many “on” days and many “off” days and so many self-created obstacles to keep us from creating the best work we can.  There is just a lot inertia when we create something without any outright external pressure or deadline or schedule.  In a way, I love it.  It took getting used to it.  However, I find I’m getting so into “making a living” and finding jobs, I’m not really writing enough damn, good writing that I actually want to create.  I have been putting some work into some books that I want to publish, but those are long term endeavors.  Okay, back to our scheduled intro…

Well, I’ve some serious writer’s block/burnout in regards to my blog in the past 2 weeks.  A lot has happened including having gotten a more long term official gig, getting scammed and finding out in due time, meeting a Native American artist from the tribe “Yuk-mon” from Washington State, a surfer from New York, another guy named Steve from England, and some interesting connections between various people I’ve met:

– Two “Steve’s”

–  A topic I wanted to write about called the “Apostle 13” as many people I’ve met had biblical names including a: John, Emmanuel, and Paul.  I think all three are biblical names, let’s bring more!  So interesting.

Also, I’ve got accused of living in a car about 5-6 times last week and congratulated about it 2-3 times – one person has lived in a car, another has heard a lot of successful people have at some point, and another said I was an artist and I’m on the right path.

Right on!  Also working hard on the book of mine and learning of some areas I can learn more:

– publishing industry and perhaps starting my own someday

–  WordPress and how to make websites and pretty blogs

–  the editing process

–  the various job responsibilities and editorial make up of different resumes in different fields

–  how to complete a book

–  how to balance making a living as a writer with becoming an artist in the written form; passion vs. needs

–  how to write damn funny proposals to get people’s damn attention

–  how to be persistent in my dream because I almost lost my job for performing an assignment incorrectly and had to beg for a second chance – in my opinion it’s not okay to break the rules but bending the rules is another story

–  I still need to spend more time on sociology and I hope to talk with my uncle who has held a high position in a state public transportation department for years – he can tell me about urban planning and how to make cities accessible and commuter-friendly.

Lastly, I’ve had quite a few lonely moments recently, some moments where I thought I can no longer take living in my vehicle (I want a home, a campground, something to reside in and a place to be horizontal when I sleep! :), some real realy inspirational and joyful moments, and some good moments of meditation as I’ve increased my meditation load in the past 3 weeks.  With the Medicine Buddha and God as my witness, I want to complete my meditation training course.

More to come.  Thank you everyone for helping me to pursue my dream, and yeah, the California ticket ended up getting processed:  a whopping $323.00.  Thank you Cali.

Have a great day.


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