Science, Art, Living, & Happiness


Well, I’ve been thinking now as I am in between revising a tutoree’s paper and job hunting.  I have a few minutes to jot down a few thoughts.  I realize that what I am aiming for most besides a newfound career and mastery of an art (martial arts) that I am practicing, and besides the aim for happiness (which I am achieving), I am also aiming to find or acquire the Art of Living.  Everyone has a guide and everyone has a path/road map to navigate in this world, but only a few people can really steer their boat effectively in the turbulent tides of life and remain balanced or even prevail in its tumultuous, unpredictable crash of waves and whirlpools.

So what of it?   I realize on what hand, as I am writing a book about happiness and some framework on how to achieve it (I feel it is part art, but there is a great part of science to it combined with effort), there are parts of the Art of Living I am still learning to improve in.  This could include cognitive roadblocks, such as being too hard on myself and trying to master an aspect of life too soon, as well as scheduling and organizing roadblocks, such as run-on sentences, sleep and wake up schedules, maintaining consistent energy levels through out the days and weeks, and fitting in my professional and spiritual/writing/martial arts responsibilities.  Surely, the Art of Living is a lifelong pursuit, but I feel having achieved a level of happiness has helped me along; so is the Science of Happiness a part of the Art of Living or the other way around… is the square a rectangle a square or a square is a rectangle…I feel I am taking crazy pills, he’s got nothing, NOTHING!  (~Mugatu, Zoolander).

Also, please contact me if you are interested in reading my draft of a book explains a framework necessary for happiness – either as a fan or as a critic/editor/proofreader.  Thanks!  You can email me at or contact me in which medium we are already in touch with.

I also want to thank my Uncle Steve for talking with me and discussing public transit, social inequality, and ways that we can correct institutional inequalities over the weekend.  He has worked for 42 years for Minneapolis’ public transit system including planning and creating bus routes.  He also feels an ideal city is one in which the usage of a car is not needed much or even obsolete.  He is not a big fan of the “big, metal boxes” that we separate ourselves in.  Also, the emission difference between public transit and the use of cars are dramatically different as well as the usage of space.

I suddenly have a deep yearning for A & J’s Taiwanese hot soy milk in Rockville, MD along with the deep fried dough.  I recommend it to everyone; it’s on 355 Rockville Pike.  Yum, yum, yum.  Here I am in California which has the coldest evenings in the world; I was awakened around 5am because the temperature and quality of coldness was so biting.  I feel the coldness soak into my bones no matter what I wrap myself in, and even when I drive and blast the heat in my car, as soon as I turn the car off then the inside of the car becomes cold within 45 seconds.  This type of “heat suck” is more intense than Maryland and Minnesota winters; at least in those temperatures, when you are able to raise the temperature in a place, shelter, or vehicle, the surrounding climate or environment does not suck it all away in seconds.  Very strange.

It is the yin to California’s “positive” yang.  Yep yep.  I still find this place to be inspiring, loving, and friendly.

I do miss aspects of Maryland though; my trip is halfway through already and I need to start making plans and accommodations with how I am going to spend my winter and read of my residence in Maryland.

Have a great day!  I am thankful each day that I am able to try and pursue my dream; it means more to me than almost anything in the world now.  Even the not-so-good days are bearable because of this fact.  Take care.


One thought on “Science, Art, Living, & Happiness

  1. FL #2

    Bee, the reason why the nights seem colder because there is no humidity. I can’t imagine trying sleep outside in the winter anywhere else in the country though. this week is going to be hot. Close to 90 where you are. Btw, You need a cocoon type sleeping bag if you want to survive sleeping outside this fall. I have one that’s rated to 20 degrees if you want to borrow. Or use your anonymous funds to hit up big five to buy one.
    Another option is to get a gf. I heard they solve all problems.


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