The Silent Backer


So someone has been secretly putting money in my account without my knowledge and without revealing themselves.  Seriously, I’ve been the recipient of approximately $400-500 in the past 3 weeks without knowing who!  I mean, I’ve borrowed some money from family members and friends recently to tie me over, not so much that it would seriously burden people and I certainly don’t continually ask people for funds like a leech.  I try to be self-reliant, generous when possible, and not a burden on people.

So how did $200 show up in my account 2 days ago?  Only heaven knows, and one or two people/beings/deities.  I don’t know how, but I am seriously thankful.

Most importantly, I’d wish the money would fill in my account from my blood, sweat, and tears rather than someone or something’s generosity, but I am forever grateful.

I am also surprised how frugal I have been in the past 3.5 weeks and was expecting my account to be a lot lower in spite of the donations and because of the tickets I have had to deal with.

I will forever remember this generosity and will be sure to pass it on to others the first chance I get.  I have had thoughts of starting a publishing house someday as I am learning the in’s and out’s of the writing, editing, and publishing experience.  In fact, I downloaded a free eBook from recently and just finihsed reading it.  Ugh, I just saw that misspelled word, but I am too tired ot fix it and that too!  😀

There is another website that is mentioned in the book: Preditors and Editors.  It’s a website identifying cheating, scamming, and indecent publishers.  The eBook also touches on a lot of Writer Communities… it’s some thing I might look into , but I also might do it alone as I feel until I interact with proofreaders, the writing process is a pretty solitary (not lonely – as you ccan be in a room full of people and feel lonely – I’m with myslef and being good opmany with myself as opposed to missing and wishing about people – in fact, I remember reading a quote attributed to Oscar Wilde in a book but could could never find the quote on the internet: “Solitude is a wonderful thing when one is at peace with one self and there is a definite task at hand.”  I cannot find it, but I am at peace with myself 8-9 moments out of 10, and am happy about 9 moments out of 10, sometimes 9.5 times, and thus one of the books I hope to publish is a book about the science of being happy and provides a framework for people to achieve it – that was a long aside) act, and requires a lot of reflection, artistic work, and a decent routine to keep the pages churning.

Anyway, love, peace, and all that jazz for everyone!

Have a great weekend.

For all the martial arts fans, I totally recommend the blog :   wonderful recounts of famous masters and events.

I am amidst of working on a blog post about how martial arts has saved my life.  Perhaps it’s almost a book idea, but for now I’ll stick to a long multi-part blog post about how martial arts has saved my life and taught me life altering and saving  and imrpoving lessons.  Yes, another misspelled word.  😦


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