Going Home


I met some wonderful people in Arkansas Welcoming Center on  my way home today.  They gave free hot coffee/chocolate and donuts.  Such a wonderful way to start the day!  This guy named Doug was large and tall and hardy, and gave me a warm greeting.  Him, his wife, and Richard/”Duffy” were so nice to me.  We talked about life, God, and about writing.  Duffy shared a piece of his writing about Christianity and God and applauded it.  I think all good writing from the heart is effective/great writing.

This trip has been such a blessing.  I purged demons, received inspiration, found new career paths, and regained a good health and life path.

Peace and Love!  😀


Minimalism: A Change


So after about 17 years of being an adult, I can say I have been and still am very disorganized.  That is 17 years of having tried to be this super disciplined Kung Fu master who wakes up at 6am every day and trains and falls asleep in a meditation pose in this empty shack by the mountains.  Instead, I’ve been this borderline hoarder, cluttered mess whose lifestyle is the equivalent to the image of a person opening up a closet and a mountain of trash over taking them and toppling over them.

I am now 4 weeks into a minimalism program that I bought for $3 (only 16 pages long!) online from Amazon on my free Kindle App on my computer:


Great book, I totally recommend it; it has changed my life

Also, I just bought this book today for 99 cents and I’ll review it soon enough!  A few things I’ve learned from minimalism:

–  It’s not about taking everything away; just reducing to the basic and essential.

–  It’s more freeing than restricting; although not at first.

–  I’m stunned how fast things accumulate in my physical surroundings and my brain.    Getting rid of stuff does not take a gargantuan effort, but slow and steady effort.

-How attached I am to simple things like that piece of string in my car that is trash, that cut I got from a restrauant that is empty, or some random box or receipt that i don’t need.  Letting go is certainly a skill (this includes text messages and emails in my inbox).

I’m now working on this book for 99 cents and is supposedly a best seller.  With that, minimize!   bon voyage!  :




So it’s been 2.5 months staying out here in the West Coast… more or less since I had left my home in Silver Spring, MD (formerly Takoma Park, MD) on August 15th, 2014.  Previous to that, I was coasting for some years in some  decent jobs (I wouldn’t call them careers, but they were good preemptive jobs leading to my ultimate career.  Also, about 13 years ago I had intended on dropping out of school (which I did eventulaly, and took a year off and graduated shortly after) and walk to California.  That plan was squashed eventually, but then I felt for the longest time after that proposed trip – graduating college, working, and having some success in competitive martial arts and coaching – that I was living an illusion or someone else’s life.

Life was all about showing up to some job on time, balancing leisure time with friends and my own pursuit, and worrying about the ever impending “future” (which never really exists) with savings, mortgage, retirement, family, career, and all that crap.  Basically, a bunch of shit I don’t care about.   I was moving forward with my well-dressed, young profesional facade en  route to some improved career standings and living conditions and earning more, saving more, and working towards being able to settle down with another person, blah blah blah.

I’m a spiritual person, so none of that pre-paved bullshit means anything.  Then someone bumped me from the rear, probably a texter, and I had some other shit happen in my life.  That urged me to pursue my dream as a writer and helped inspire a whole florid variety of interests including sociology/social justice, self-help and fiction writing, and being a disciple of the Medicine Buddha.  In essence, I hit the road and embraced the real and felt inspiration and dreams pumping through my system.

This trip wasn’t without its hitches including running over a rock in the middle of a mountain, almost running out of gas in the mountains twice (always got to a gas station within my last 5 miles or so.  Also, lived through a few desperate times including living out of my car, endless confrontations with the police, almost getting towed twice (when sleeping in some posh parking lots), and setting up tents in the pitch black with wind and/or rain splashing on me.

All the things I listed above were not negative things, but the makings of an adventure.  My definition of an adventure is going on a trip that at first seems exciting, but then at some point during it you want go home.  That your bounds and limitations were so stretched that you couldn’t help but grow, struggle, become desperate, and laugh about it afterward!  It’s crucial to life to keep growing!

I have met some beautiful people, renewed my interest in martial arts and meditation, and have found a new lifestyle and lifeview that I can view with that paves my lilfe and future with clarity the way I want it.  That’s the end  and be all; that’s all she wrote.

I hope everyone can go on an adventure, especially cross country road trip (all you need is about $1000 or less and a car with gas).that helps them transform and change on the inside.

God Bless!  🙂