How I had to Unlearn Most of the Lessons from School


School has had some mixed results and have left a funny taste in my mouth.  The more I think about it, the more I think the whle system is fucked up.  I will get to that in a minute.  Here’s my top reasons why much of what we learned in grade school and especially college is full of shit.

1.) Conformity

School doesn’t really teach you how to think independently; in fact, school mainly has you memorize a bunch of shit.  However, a lot of that shit turns out to be false such as Columbus being some hero  or not making light that some of our country’s forefathers were slave owners (or even that capitalism is some positive thing just like democracy).  School doesn’t really teach you to think much or at all; school exists so most people can learn a trade to make money while the school makes money off of them and big corporations can use their skills to make even more money off of them and feeding them meager crumbs.  Thinking for ourselves, questioning social  conventions and norms, or even self-realization are not emphasized in our academic institutions: just grades, jobs, money, and pressure to booze and have promiscuous sex.

2.)  Creativity

School kills the thirst for knowledge and kills creativity.  School makes learning mandatory, graded and quantified, and simply boring and unwanted.  School may encourage creativity in texts or for you to value the importance of others’ creativity (ie- Jim Hanson, Tupac) but not truly develop your own.  Meanwhile, if you’re trying to find yourself and be a quality person then you’ll be drowned out by drunk, horny people that burn couches over basketball games.  In college, the last remnant of your youth, innocence and creativity gets stamped out to prepare you for the workforce and/or the elusive “real world.”  The real world sucks, you know why? Because it is being perpetuated by jerks who went to college and find no real need to change it, but to harden to its tone and exploit others for their own selfish existence. Also, when they do so, the blind, ignorant working class look up to them as heroes.

School is messed up and i Need to write more about this topic soon.  Have a nice day.

3.)  Curosity

Not only does school kill our curosity, it provides us with an illusion that upon graduating that we are these skilled scholars whereas in reality we simply become better educated, compliant sheep and consumers of technology and pop culture that hope to one day accidentally strike it rich

nch of shi


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