A Trip to Change Your Life


As some of you know, last year I had quit my job and had felt inspired to drive to California to live for 3 months and drove. back.  It was quite an adventure!  I wanted to become a writer and a damn writer I became.  I went down this path because I didn’t want to do the whole “work a job on the side and do what you’re passionate about then when you can make enough make the jump!”  I fuck that.  Sometimes I an all or nothing kind of person, and I learned back then when pirates raided on land they would sink the ship behind them – there was no escape but onward moving.

My trip, which probably totaled in the $3000 range, began in Maryland, then I drove down to North Carolina, and across the country to California.  In that time I saw all the open land and skies and met a few interesting people along the way. Removing myself from the normal routine and grind of the day helped me to find perspective, and the inspiration I felt to pursue something helped me to survive some pretty sloven life circumstance such as periods of time living on canned foods, french bread, and/or fresh California grapefruits and avocados.  Definitely, there were no regrets.  Even sometimes, now that I am settled back into normal living and working (well sort of, creating a start up for resume writing and just got hired by a resume writing company in the UK called The CV Center), I wonder how I could have even accomplished such a trip – I had no set plan, I had no idea where my money would come from when I ran out, and I didn’t know where I was going to be the next day.

The trip was a success and I came back home inspired.  Well, things weren’t perfect as I had brief bouts of unemployment, sleeping in my car, couch surfing, and writer’s block.  And of course, the DMV is the DMV – rude, entitled people who don’t give a shit that they stepped on your shoe.  However, in my lowest moment in recent times, I have always been able to draw the strength deep down to make it through because I have made such an investment in my spiritual health that I have meaningful purpose and strength while having cleared out about 70-80% of my life neurosis which clears up a lot of fuckin’ wasted energy – killing demons really bring you life!  As an aside, I like to face my demons head on and I had a lot.

A spiritual trip can really refresh your view of life and help carve a vision for your future that will bring you happiness and joy.  It can help you uncover the past and conquer demons that chip away at our souls at little bit each day.  We did not choose our life events and misfortunes, but we can choose to take a chance that will change how our everyday proceeds.  If your daily life is not filed with happiness, then how will that look and feel 50 years down the line?  The first step is the most difficult as that requires stepping from the usual and familiar, but you lose way more in a boring, humdrum, and meaningless life than in a soul adventure that can capture miracles and you will meet others like you along the way.  Of course, in my case this was spurred by some unfortunate events in my life that caused me to re-evaluate and change my life, but life is short, the sooner you do so the better!  My next goal would be to hike parts if not the whole Appalachian Trial (which starts in Georgia and goes to Maine) with a few friends.  Who wants to go?

Have a good day!


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