Spirtuality and Ferocity


While considering that I do a decent share of daily meditation and spiritual thought, you’d think that I’d slowly turn into this gentle, sage-like character that’s all at peace with himself.  In some ways this is true, but mostly, instead of turning inward and being content with my being and the world, I have increasingly become more distraught on the inside and discontent with the world  My practice and insights on the world have increasingly made me more aware of the destructive forces that eat up the world, and the amount of energy it would take to stop it.

I am up to the task, however, my choice of weapon is not the gentle admonishment of peace, but the piercing, clear sword of justice.  Artistically, verbally, and literally, no institution nor persons will be left untouched and unbothered by my pen once my radar hastracked them.  I have decided that part of my life goal is to not only help individuals, but to vehemently attack institutions that suppress groups and thus the human spirit.

I can provide a few examples, which include the sloven, unjust woes of capitalism – I am by no means anti-democracy nor anti-American, but I am anti-capitalism.  Within capitalism, private ownership and generating money is key.  Businesses usually operate unethically by cutting as many corners as they can in order to generate the greatest profits for the top executives – this means cutting employee wages (or not increasing them based on the standard cost of living), using substitute products (most times this is in food but also other products) to create an inferior product to sell for the same price or more expensive (or selling less of the product for the same price over time), and using district lines within neighborhoods to discriminate who they serve,  hidden biases against minorities, and hidden agreements between businesses to constantly have a demand for selling new products.

An example of the latter would be the computer and cellphone industry that constantly creates a need to regularly purchase the newest products of theirs to keep up with the times, making their products easier to break (thus creating the need for “cases” which opens a new market) and corrupt (creates another market for anti-virus programs), and most likely having hidden agreements with software developers and organizations that constantly update their system requirements and RAM memory requirement so that when a computer is about two years old it is barely useable because new programs only work with the newest computer systems.  A quality used to be able to last between 8-12 years before a repurchase where currently a computer may only last 2-5 years tops before it is considered obsolete.  This is pure greed.

Certain forces causes violent results among the population, yet the results are written off as individual failures or theories of racial supremacy/inferiority.  Sociological forces unfortunately determine much of people’s successes and failures – those who are success like to take individual credit for their accomplishment (ie- I graduated college because I’m smart and capable.  This is instead of thinking: I had the privilege of growing up with supportive parents, an upper middle class background, and a family with the funds to afford higher education for myself) and blame those less educated and fortunate for their own failures (ie – Who could get good grades in a school system that is inferior, projects low expectations for minorities, having had 3-5 relatives or friends that have been murdered or incarcerated, and parents that work double shifts every day [who would have time to cook for the kids and make them do homework?] ).  Most of human development and habit is learned – all is interrelated to social forces at play.

Lastly, another issue would be how much food and other products are trashed every year due to excessive output from manufacturers.  In their eyes, having an excess of supply would decrease demand and thus the value and price of their product.  Would they donate that excess to those who need it the most?  Nope, they will sooner trash their excess product to not “disrupt the market.”  Basically, what they’re insinuating is that the value of the dollar matters more than human lives.  Sick, just sick.

In order to fight this injustice, I fight back with greater ferocity than the forces used to subjugate people.  With the spirit of justice and the drive of righteousness I will strike down the deluded, the cruel, and the greedy.  Okay, that’s it.

The End.


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