Becoming a Writer: Part Tres


Earlier tonight, I had the privilege of attending the Asian Pacific American (APA) Film Festival.  My friends Zhibo Lai and Christian Oh helped me to attend the event, and boy was I was I inspired!  I viewed two short films and a longer movie.  The first was about a young man searching for his roots and his biological father in Bali, the second was about children drawing in order to uplift their teacher who has been hospitalized with heart problems, and the third was called “Descendents” (directed by Yaser Talebi) and was about a father, artist, and teacher who went to Europe in search for his missing son.  The last movie featured very vivid storytelling and very emotional scenes with a lot of depth of thought and exploration of culture and family ties.

While watching the movie, I had ideas and story lines  firing through  my head and I couldn’t stop texting myself plot lines and story ideas.  It was amazing.  I felt the ideas and untold stories surging through my head and pretty soon I envisioned stories feature young Asian American adults and teens that centered around culture, human values, and some attachment to my own interests (martial arts, boxing, and philosophy) and experiences within the Asian American subculture.  Perhaps my favorite idea within the immediate horizon would be a short story highlighting the social value and communal aspect of “bubble tea” and how it brings people together and acts as the background of many types of social events: hangouts, first dates, parties, celebrations, and heart-wrenching breakups.  Love it or leave it, bubble tea is the centerpiece of many people’s life events and it is a fabric that is etched into our everyday social lives.  Bubble tea rules and I plan to write a story about it.

Being a normal sort of guy, not overly artsy (or artistic) or a prolific producer of the arts, I’d like to slowly transform myself from normal but thoughtful Joe-Blow to a scribe that can recount, mirror, criticize, and parody the smaller and larger experiences of human life and connect this to people’s everyday experiences and perspectives.  I want to refrain people’s perspective of reality to bring forth a more positive and empowering reality for all.  Like my friend Zhibo says: “It’s up to the artist to tell the ‘untold story’ ” (well, he was quoting a famous professor of scriptwriting from up north around New England area).  I plan to tackle that project.  I have been through many hardships and I have been able to reach a decent pinnacle in the small world of competitive martial arts – with those two as my fuel and motivation I will march forward with my goals and uncover my small view of the world.

This stems from my belief: ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.  I will do it.  Zing!  😀

Have a nice day.


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