Lead Me On


Lead me on

Bring me high

Then let me off

And crash inside

I can never get it right

When it’s hot it’s hot

Afterward I cannot

Ever understand

Your waves are mixed

And I cannot decipher

What is your plan

Oh, what is your plan

Chorus :

I feel so in love

When you are my world

You love me

You talk to me

You listen

But you disappear

When ______

And I can’t (return/recover/react/comprehend)_________

I just want ________(to be together/hold you/save you/to love you/…)

Let me be your man

End the games

And let love reign

End of Chorus

Why do I keep beating myself

Why do I  keep calling

It feels so good when I hear your voice

It brings me to a place

Warm and secure

When you leave there is nothing

I can’t help but hurt

Yet I can’t leave

What is a man to do?

There is no going back

And no going forward

Chorus 2x

I’m at your door

I’m on your call

All you have to do

Is reach out and I’ll be your net

But instead you’re a part time friend

And pseudo lover

Nothing that I can ___________

Please set me free

God please bring her love to me

The games never end

When can my heart mend?

Chorus 3x, instrumental, end.


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