Ramblings on a May 18


So, since I do not have a definite theme for this entry, I will just call this a “rambling,” or “Rambo’s rambling” (although I’m being rambunctious).  I think to be good in writing, or good in art, you have to be self-effacing and to be honest with yourself.  The martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee talked about the importance of “honestly expressing yourself.”  Perhaps this applies to martial arts and life; to not put on a mask and just go for it without avail.  Tai Chi calls this “investing in loss;” to lose now to win later.   Anyway, looking at ourselves honestly is very difficult because you are always finding dirt, filth, bad habits, and old memories that simply don’t belong there any more!  And it can be so sudden that you find yourself doing crap that you crystallized or thought up when you were 15, and suddenly you’re in your mid 30s!  Weird stuff.

I guess that’s all I have for this entry.  If you open yourself to humility, there are never ending lessons.  And those lessons make you feel stupid!  If there is such a thing as an ego.

Have a good day.  Write or comment:  chingyinwriting@gmail.com or find chingyinwriting on Facebook or knock on my door and punch me on the arm.  Peace!


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